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I may live in sunny Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean I don’t yearn to wear fall/winter wear. But because I pick to live here I like the idea of fall more than the reality. I went to college in cold/dreary Boston. I know how pretty Fall can be, but I also know it’s a tease and eventually it becomes dark and gloomy winter. 

Los Angeles can get a bit chilly (even though the other day (October 13th) the high was 97 degrees), so some these fall/winter delights I could easily pull off in Los Angeles, or at the very least de-layer. 

◄◂ [ shopbop ] I love this whole look, but don’t get it twisted I’m not spending $385 on that cute dress. Not gonna happen. 

◄◂ [ source ] I’m loving capes & ponchos and this SF lady is getting it done. Love those heel I’ll never wear.

◄◂ [ keiko lynn ] Told y’all that i love poncho/capes. This is too precious but I still love it. 

◄◂ [ knack ]  J’adore how easy and comfortable this looks, but all very put together. Love those boots! 

◄◂ [ unknown ] Y’all know I love a good scarf, and I love this one here, but I alos love that warm fuzzy cardigan. Yes please. This is a HIT! 

◄◂ [ nordstrom ] I love that dress with those boots (this is such a Los Angeles fantasy because no where that really had fall/winter elements could survive in that outfit… you’d have frozen tears) Oh btw, that dress is only $22.90 at the site… I know!

◄◂ [ source ] i’m loving all this animal print in small doses. adds such a great texture to fall fashion. 

◄◂ [ unknown ] oh yeah no idea where this came from, where I could buy it, and it’s not fall/winter like at all. deal with it, reader. 

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