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So many good looking recipes I gots to be trying!▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴▿▴

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This ETSY Wednesday feature belongs to : Fleet Collection { aka @FleetCollection }

I must confess i own two Fleet Collection dresses and I love them so much. This Los Angeles based etsy shop is co-owened by Lisa Hsieh and Eileen Chai. They sell locally sewn dresses that extremely wearable and comfy but also elegant. 

You can find more info about :  f l e e t  c o l l e c t i o n 

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